Our offer will allow you to choose the service that best suits your needs. We are professional pilots, therefore we work in accordance with guidelines of Civil Aviation Authority, maintaining all safety rules. Before we start our field work, we will ask you  a series of questions that will allow us to reduce any risk. At the same time, we will make every effort that the final result will thoroughly reflect your demands.


Each job is unique for us and the final price is influenced by many factors. The quotation will be given to you in writing after discussing demands and expected effects. Remember, there is no job too small for us!

Only one photo or series of stills, short clip or longer video, half a day's work or maybe a whole day?

Just contact us and we will try to meet your expectations.

Below you will find services that we can offer you. This list is not exhaustive of all possibilities and ideas that you may have. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask. Remember about benefits resulting from beautiful bird's eye view pictures, and imagine all opporunities and advantages of drone flight.

Structures and Buildings Inspections

The easiest way to reach inaccessible places is doing it from the air. You no longer  need complicated ladders and scaffoldings, and hours spent on setting them up. We will give you limitless options and even better results in a much shorter time, minimize the risk of accidents. Tall buildings, roofs, chimneys, difficult to see places, complex structures- we are capable to reach any of that!



Aerial Photography & Video

There are many types of applications when you can use our drone. Weddings, promotional videos, family events, golf courses, corporate promotions and adverts etc. One thing is certain. Aerial photos and videos from a different angle will enrich your album and add freshness and modern look to your business. At the ground level or high from the sky, outside or even inside the buildings, very slow or with the dynamic motion. But always at the highest HD quality up to 4K resolution.

Construction Site & Agricultural Surveys

If you are looking for another view of your building site , we have an excellent tool. If you are a farmer, we can help you take care of your land. Our drone can capture multiple photographs over a vast area, in high resolution. You can watch live stream on the screen, directing pilot to the areas that need to be inspected. With GPS on board, we can return to the same sites later and take progress photography, which is absolutely essential nowadays.



Real Estate, Councils, Planning Photography, Aerial Mapping

Whether it will be planning new housing developments, road constructions, or you need to map a larger area, deploy aerial photography into your operating strategy and it will help you improve your plans. Release the full potential of the new housing estate, showing its panoramic view from the sky. Prospective buyers will love to catch a glimpse of the surroundings of their new home. For longer cooperation, we can offer special discounts.



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