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There are many factors, which may affect the quotation, e.g location, time of year, shooting conditions, risk of operations, weather, additional requirements approved by the CAA. Quations will be supplied in writing, following a briefing with the Client and after discussing demands and expected effects. The Client must provide full postal address with postcode, or Ordnance Survey Grid References, and other documents, to accurately identify the site of work. 

Travel Charge

Travel expenses will be billed at 45p per mile for jobs over 25 miles away from Kettering (NN15, NN16). In need of accomodation, the costs will be paid by the Client.


We require 20% deposit paid in advance to book our service. Final payment must be received after completion of work and delivery of photos & videos. However, not later than 5 working days from the date of invoice. Payment must be made by bank transfer.

All enquires will be treated in the strictest confidence

Cancellations & Postponements

Weather has a big impact on aerial work. If due to bad weather (e.g rain, snow, strong wind) we cannot shoot, 20% deposit fee is transferred to a different selected day, when it will be possible to execute the work. If the postponement is not possible or due to mechanical failure, service will be cancelled and 20% deposit will be returned to the Client. If the service need to be cancelled for other reasons which have appeared on the job site, and about which Cloud Surfers were not informed, or the Client no longer needs our service, booking fee will not be refunded.

Availability, Weather, Limitations

Due to the nature of aerial shooting, a succesfull outcome depends on a suitable weather. Despite we always try to complete our work in the proposed date, we can not guarantee this, because weather conditions are beyond our control. Final decision about safe flying conditions and location always depends on pilot's opinion. 

On working site, we need sufficient time to do pre-flight check and risk assessment, in accordance with our Operation Manual and CAA regulations. We require landlord permission to take-off and land. When we fly, we need to keep 50 meters distance from people, roads, buildings and structures, which are not under our control. We need to contact Air Trafic Control, if we fly near to an airport or aerodrome to verify whether it's safe.

Cloud Surfers use two types of batteries. Because of their limitations, each flight will last a maximum of approximately 15 or 18 minutes, depending on the type of batteries. After this time, we have to land and replace the battery.

Usage & Copyright

All images and video will be supplied unedited, in digital form on a USB memory stick. Editing of footage is available at an additional cost, when feasible. Clouds Surfers retains the copyright of all material content, except when buyout of footage is agreed and contracted. The client will get full use of the material content, however, will not be able to sell it or allow 3rd party companies to use it without the written permission of Cloud Surfers. All footage is kept for 6 months after the job is completed, and then deleted. However, we reserve the right to use any of our material content for internal promotion.


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If you have any questions about the above, do not hesitate to speak to us in advance of commencement of shooting.

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